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Support the BORP Cycling Center

Become a member today! Suggested individual membership donation: $100. But please contribute at whatever level you can.

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The BORP Adaptive Cycling Center is a unique Bay Area Resource. Housing the largest collection of adaptive bikes in the world, the center provides a place where children, youth and adults with a wide range of physical disabilities can get fitted with a bike, take a ride, and enjoy the outdoors. The Center serves more than 400 people each year.

It costs BORP $300,000 annually to run the Center. We need your help so we can continue to keep it open.

By becoming a member and making a donation, you support the BORP Cycling Center. And you give the gift of cycling to those individuals and families who cannot afford to contribute.

We suggest you consider making a donation of $100 for membership. But if you can afford it, please contribute more. (Membership is not required to use the facility. And no one is turned away for lack of funds. Any level of donation makes a difference.)

"The BORP cycling center is crucial to my health because it's my only source of exercise. Not only does the cycling center provide me the opportunity to exercise, but I've also developed several close friendships where we cycle as a group of friends and socialize outside of BORP as well. I would be lost without handcycling, my cycling friends and the social aspect of the cycling center."--Kim Weemering Juarez